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Łyżka do miodu nabierająca miód nad słoikiem
The region’s famous honeys are Małopolska and Sądecczyzna honeydew honeys. Their advantage is that they contain less water than blossom honey, and have an excellent, resinous taste as well as an aromatic, spice smell. They are characterised by their dark colour, from brown, through dark brown, to almost black, with red and green shades. Honeydew honey to this day remains an indispensable home remedy for colds, hoarseness and sore throat. It’s worth adding that it’s a truly tasty medicine.

    Nowy Targ ice cream
Nowy Targ owes its ice cream, famous all over Małopolska, to Franciszek Żarnecki, a local baker and confectioner, who started making it at home in the 1950s. Żarnecki’s ice cream was hand made on the basis of a secret recipe, with the use of natural ingredients. It was sold by the weight and put in traditional wafer cones using a wooden spatula. For years admired for its homogenous, creamy consistency and excellent, traditional flavours, it remained the specialty of the family cake shop. Each summer, city residents and tourists alike queue to get it, and the queues are getting longer each year.

    papal cream cakes
The story went like this: during his pilgrimage to Poland in 1999, pope John Paul II visited Wadowice, where, during a meeting with the local residents, he reminisced about the time of his youth, including the cream cakes from a no longer present cake shop of Karol Hagenhuber. Confectioners from Wadowice (and not only them) could not miss this marketing opportunity, so they added the adjective “papal” to the traditional cream cake, i.e. a cake consisting of two layers of French pastry and a large amount of cream filling.

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