Thematic villages

Małopolska to nie tylko piękne góry, wspaniałe zabytki i historia, która wygląd zza każdego rogu.

The Picnic at the Spring in Zagórze will start on the 7th of July at 2:00 p.m. When visiting this village, filled to the brim with hospitable people and picturesque views, everybody has to go on a walk to the Bukowica Nature Reserve and see the famous spring, which – as local legend has it – quenched the thirst of King Jan III Sobieski himself. During the festival, the visitors will have an opportunity to learn about the works of local artists and craftsmen, take part in sculpting workshops and have a taste of the unique potato pancakes, made with a special ingredient – nettles. All these events will be accompanied by the singing of birds and the renowned Country Women’s Association from Zagórze. Organisers:  “Wioska u źródła” (Village at a Spring) thematic village, Wesoła Jesień Pensioners’ and Retirees’ Association, Zagórzanka Sports Club.