Arthropoda Butterfly Museum

Arthropoda Butterfly Museum

Ramka z motylami
It is the largest permanent exhibition of butterflies in Poland with over 5 thousand specimens from all over the world.

Butterflies belong to a huge group of insects, counting several million species. Such a diverse collection of Jacek Kobiela composed of 5580 specimens  can be seen in the Museum of Butterflies located in the Bochnia Saline Planty.  The classification of butterflies is based on the Linnaeus systematics, who introduced the Latin binomial nomenclature in the description of the biological species.
Arthropoda means arthropods, so in addition to butterflies in the museum you can admire other creatures (such as beetles, phasmids, praying mantis, cicadas) from Poland and all over the world.
In the museum there are butterflies from the collection of various Polish entomologists:

• Edward Palika (curator of entomological collections of the Polish Academy of Sciences)
• Jerzy Turzański
• Henryk Sudołowicz,
• dr Stanisław Gruszka from Wrocław,
• Rześniewski from Obertyn,
• Chrostowski from Biecz

The building itself attracts with its appearance. The mural created on it constantly amazes visitors. It depicts three butterflies and the logo of the institution. It was created by two artists from Krakow - Artur Wabik and Dagmara Matuszak.  
When planning a visit with a larger group of children, e.g. a school trip, it is worth to think about nature lessons with a varied scenario. The whole lesson lasts only 50 minutes and through games, films, sightseeing and curiosities the youngest visitors assimilate a lot of knowledge  - there is no room for boredom.

It is possible to combine a nature lesson with a visit to the Bochnia Salt Mine.

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