Nowy Sącz, Lake Rożnów and along the Poprad river

Nowy Sącz, Lake Rożnów and along the Poprad river

Kapliczki przy ścieżce rowerowej
At this point (Nowy Sącz) VeloDunajec joins the international route Eurovelo11. Heading southwards on VeloDunajec, you will reach Lake Czorsztyn and then Podhale. Heading northwards, you will get to Tarnów and then, straight ahead, to the Vistula Cycle Route or, to the west, to Cracow. Nowy Sącz is on the railway network.

Sights worth seeing:

  • Beavers’ lodge (Bobrowisko) - a wildlife enclave - a place to watch beavers and mute swans
  • Galician Town (Miasteczko Galicyjskie) – a complex of reconstructed buildings from the turn of the 20th century; the structures have been faithfully reproduced on the basis of old plans and the existing market squares in Małopolska towns
  • Jezioro Rożnowskie (Lake Rożnów) – a place which attracts visitors with its landscape and well-developed tourist infrastructure (accommodation and sports facilities: windsurfing, sailing and angling)
  • Łososina Dolna Airport - sightseeing flights over the surrounding area 
  • In Łącko you will find the oldest orchards in the region, with the first mentions of crops cultivated here dating back to the 12th century. In spring the whole area turns into a carpet of flowers. Apples and plum brandy from Łącko are products entered in the List of Traditional Products.

In Stary Sącz VeloDunajec joins the international route Eurovelo11 (VeloNatura in Małopolska). Between Piwniczna-Zdrój and Barcice, Between Muszyna and Stary Sącz the VeloNatura route takes advantage of flat areas of the Poprad valley, meandering among the Polish and the Slovakian banks of the river.

  • Przełom Dunajca (Dunajec Gorge) - one of the most beautiful places in Poland; the route can be completed on a bike or a flat- -bo ttomed oar-powered barge 
  • Szczawnica and Piwniczna-Zdrój - health resorts known for their mineral waters
  • Krynica Zdrój – promenade with mineral water pump rooms, observation tower, Bike Park Słotwiny Arena in Krynica-Zdrój.
  • Muszyna – the old health resort district called Zapopradzie, Gardens of the Senses, observation tower on the Malnik Mountain, reconstructed castle on the Baszta Mountain in Muszyna.
  • Canoeing or pontoon trips along the Muszyna – Żegiestów section of the Poprad river.
  • Piwniczna Zdrój 

In its section between Sromowce Niżne and Szczawnica, VeloDunajec follows the so-called Pieniny Road via Dunajec Gorge (on the Slovakian side the route has various types of surface and is unmarked). That section is not recommended
for users of racing bicycles; it is best to make a detour via Wielki Lipnik and Leśnica. In Slovakia all cyclists are obliged to wear a helmet. The towns on VeloNatura (Stary Sącz, Rytro, and Piwniczna-Zdrój) can be reached by railway.

The Piwniczna – Muszyna section of the VeloNatura route was designed to run mainly along the left side of the Poprad river, for the reason of Cyclist Service Pointse gentle uphill drives. However, it is necessary to reckon with local mounds. The direction towards Piwniczna is definitely less demanding than the opposite one to Muszyna and on along the AquaVelo route to Krynica. Following the VeloNatura/EuroVelo 11 route section along
new overcrossings for pedestrians and cyclists over the Poprad river, as well as tourist attractions of the Polish-Slovakian borderland, including access to numerous water springs of the local mineral water, ensure interesting bicycle touring.

In Muszyna, at the regional resting place for cycling tourists, apart from the standard facilities, there is also an intake of the ‘Anna’ healing water. Similar intakes of healing water can also be found in Milik (it is necessary to leave the route to get to the Cyclist Service Points Bicycle Service Station), as well as in Sulin and Legnava, just by the route.

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