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Małopolska – ideal for cycling

Małopolska – ideal for cycling

na zdjęciu Anna Szafraniec
For families – at ease. For athletes – boldly. For those who enjoy a good sight – beautiful view! Małopolska has the longest network of trails in Poland and modern cycling routes for all lovers of riding two wheels. And autumn is the perfect time for such escapades. When saying “cycling in the autumn” - you think: “Małopolska Region.” Ambassadors of the campaign “Małopolska. Let's get to know each other” share their favourite routes and places worth seeing.

Anna Mazurek, mother of two children, talks about the route commonly known as VeloCzorsztyn, which partly overlaps with VeloDunajec: For our cycling-active family the most important thing is safety, and the beautiful section from Czorsztyn to Huba is a great route for parents with children: the path runs along the shore of Lake Czorsztyńskie, is entirely covered with asphalt, and we feel safe on it. He goes on to add: Along the way, there are small climbs, but children can easily manage them. We also stop for a rest in a beautiful green clearing. Whoever was here knows.... The insane views are breath-taking. Every tourist should go on a boat cruise on Lake Czorsztyńskie at least once. In this area, you can also visit two castles: in Niedzica and the ruins in Czorsztyn, and from May to September, an additional attraction are the gondolas that take cyclists between the castles. Why not combine sport and recreation with sightseeing and a feast for the eyes? And what if cycling ambition grows in us?

Harder, higher, cooler...

Those expecting a slightly more difficult challenge are recommended to follow the picturesque route around the lake from Dębno to Niedzica Castle – there is one very long climb waiting for you between Frydman and Falsztyn. If we can't get in, we can push the bike – says Anna Mazurek enthusiastically. In Niedzica you can rent a bike, relax on a beautiful beach with hammocks, and the children will have a great time using the tyrolean on the lake and a pool with a slide. 

We also love to return to the route via the Dunajec Gorge, from where we drive a bit to the PTTK Hostel at the foot of the most famous Pieniny peak, Trzy Korony, in Sromowce Niżne. Our children play in the playground and the playroom, we admire the beautiful view of the Three Crowns together, and we relax on the large outdoor terrace. The hostel is brilliantly adapted for whole families – continues Anna Mazurek. Thanks to the fact that the routes are well marked and equipped with cyclists in mind, we can easily descend to our favourite spot and rest at a convenient place.

Anyone coming to Małopolska with the whole family must also check out the route from Ostrowo to Wietrzychowice. Over a distance of 26 km, only 2 km lead on a street with little car traffic. All the time we are driving along the Dunajec river, and on the way, we will encounter information to descend and see how it joins the Vistula River. On this stretch we make a stop in Wietrzychowice - children are playing on the playground next to the local primary school – adds Anna Mazurek.

For professionals

Trails in Małopolska are also a challenge for real cyclists... Here are mountain biker Anna Szafraniec’s favourite places: For those who want to ride in rough terrain but lack the steam for bigger hills, I recommend the Mogilany-Las Bronaczowa route. The fast, hour-long MTB loop will start at the forest car park in Głogoczów near the bivouac, where you can easily reach it from the Zakopianka road. It is a route with a varied surface - from wide gravel to narrow dirt roads. You will encounter some stones, roots and mud, especially in periods after rainfall. Some sections may be more difficult to ride due to periodic tree felling. He goes on to add: I also recommend going to the very top of Chełm Mountain. We start from Myślenice from the car park at Arena Sport in the direction of Uklejna and choose a side road, leading all the time through the forest. The fresh air and birdsong have always made me enjoy training there. The culmination of the effort is the magnificent panorama of Myślenice. You can also climb up Mount Chelm on foot or take a chairlift and rest and eat in a restaurant on the top.

We are proud that a few years ago we put a bet on cycling tourism and thanks to its co-financing, Małopolska attracts both whole families and people who are looking for stronger cycling experiences – says Tomasz Urynowicz, Deputy Marshal of Małopolska Region. It is here that Poland’s largest project to build VeloMałopolska cycling routes is being implemented, and we have already built the majority of them. But in addition to recreational routes, there are more challenging mountain bike trails, several Bike Parks and pump tracks to choose from. Sporting excitement is also provided by events that have become a permanent feature of the Małopolska calendar: Family Bike Rallies, Małopolska Joy Ride Festival, as well as Poland's biggest MTB film festival – Małopolska MTB Film Festival.


By bike to the Tatras

All cycling fans of the Tatra Mountains will be delighted with the Around the Cycling Route Around the Tatras. It is a beautiful route with breath-taking views. Ultimately, we will encounter mild stretches on it, as well as climbs requiring good physical preparation – says Anna Szafraniec. This historical-cultural-natural trail is a Polish-Slovak project, which envisages the implementation of a loop of more than 250 km around the Tatra Mountains with cycling, skiing and cross-country skiing trails. Even today, the trail is fully completed on the Polish side, and from Trstena to Krempach the route is not intimidating even for beginner cyclists.

Thanks to cycling tours in Małopolska we will get to know dozens of picturesque, perhaps previously undiscovered places and what is most beautiful - we will reach them in an ecological style. Before the trip, it is worth getting acquainted with the information and maps on – says Grzegorz Biedroń, president of the Małopolska Tourist Organisation. He goes on to add: Małopolska is constantly thinking about cyclists, therefore a system of certification of Cyclist-Friendly Areas has just been launched in the region, thanks to which we will easily find locations with, among other things, safe, free of charge car parks, tools for basic bike repairs or the possibility to stay overnight.

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