Marian Sanctuary, Płoki

Widok na schody i wejście do sanktuarium.

The Sanctuary of the Mother of God, Patron of Workers’ Families is one of the oldest sanctuaries in the Chrzanów area. The first mentions of the Sanctuary come from the 14th century. The brick church and a parsonage, both built in the times of Jan Długosz, have burned down in a fire and were rebuilt several times after that. The contemporary church, built in 1949-1951, is modelled after the previous ones. The Sanctuary contains a miraculous painting of the Płocka Mother of God. The painting comes from the 15th century. It was painted on a plank by an unknown artist on the basis of the Byzantine Hodegetria iconographic type. This work is one of the oldest paintings of the Mother of God in Poland. Thanks to the miraculous image, Płoki became a destination for pilgrimages and the mass movement of pilgrims has been reported since the early 19th century. On 12 September 1982, the Metropolitan of Krakow consecrated diadems and crowned the miraculous painting with papal crowns during a celebratory mass. Unfortunately, they were stolen when the church was broken into on the night of 22/23 November 1987. The second coronation of the painting took place on 8 September 1988, which nowadays is also the date of the parish festival in Płoki.


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