The Feast of the Mother of God of the Herbs

Białe kwiaty i zioła
TheFeast of the Mother of God of the Herbs, i.e. the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the oldest celebrated Marianfeast in Poland. In Małopolska, it is most ceremoniously celebratedin Kalwaria Zebrzydowska,where unique processions of the “falling asleep” and the“assumption” of the Virgin Mary are held. The Marian cult beganthere in 1641, when the painting of the Crying Mother of God, famousof its graces and since then known as Mother of Calva ry, was broughtto the monastery of the Bernardines. The flowers and herbs arrangedin beautiful bouquets are still brought to the church on 15 August,on the Feast of the Mother of God of the Herbs, and also during theharvest festival, called dożynki.The harvest bouquets of herbs and harvest wreaths are taken to churchfor the blessing and later they are kept at home, because they ensuregood harvest and domestic harmony. On 8 September, on the Feast ofMother of God of Seed, the seeds are brought for the blessing beforethe new sowing.

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