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Winnica Zagardle

Zagardle Vineyard

Zdjęcie przedstawia kiść winogron rosnących na krzewie winorośli. Winogrona są dojrzałe i soczyste, a na fotografii widoczne są również liście winorośli, W tle rozmyte krzewy.
Szczodrkowice 235, Szczodrkowice
tel. +48 696065921
A vineyard with an image of Cheri the dog.
Found in northern Małopolska in the town of Szczodrkowice. It all started with 80 shrubs planted as an experiment on a small area. Its good results have led to a decision to establish a local, home vineyard in 2013. Currently, the Zagardle Vineyard encompasses 3800 shrubs on an area of 1 hectare. The vineyard’s logo, which adorns every bottle, is the image of the owners’ dog named Cheri. The processing plant and winery is located in the house’s basement. The owners, unlike other winemakers from Małopolska, do not plan to expand their plantations – instead, they want to be personally responsible for the whole process of producing each bottle and maintaining its quality at the highest level. The varieties of grapes growing in the vineyard include regent, rondo, hibernal, leon millot, seyval blanc, jutrzenka. The owners welcome guests coming for tours and tastings.

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