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Building at ul. Szewska 22 in Krakow - Obiekt - VisitMalopolska


Kamienica przy ul. Szewskiej 22 Kraków

Building at ul. Szewska 22 in Krakow

Budynek przy ul. Szewskiej 22 w Krakowie
ul. Szewska 22, 31-009 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
Since the 17th century, the tenement house at ul. Szewska 22 has belonged to the Collegiate Church of St. Anne. It was established in 1910 as a combination of two Gothic tenement houses.
Here, there was the Publishing House of Prayer Books and the store of Devotional Articles managed by Józef Cebulski, where the first Divine Mercy images with the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy and prayer books “Christ, the King of Mercy” were printed. On 27 September 1937, St. Faustina and superior mother Irena Krzyżanowska visited that place.