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House at ul. Karmelicka 53, Krakow - Obiekt - VisitMalopolska


Kamienica przy ul. Karmelickiej 53 Kraków

House at ul. Karmelicka 53, Krakow

Karmelicka 53
Karmelicka 53, 31-133 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
At the turn of 1898-1899, in this house, Stanisław Przybyszewski, his remarkable wife, Norwegian writer and pianist, muse of European poets and painters – Dagny Juel, and two children: son Zenon and daughter Ivi lived in a flat on the ground floor, with a veranda and little garden.
This most controversial artistic salon in Kraków gathered almost all artists of Young Poland, in order to talk not only about art.