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Protestant Cemetery in Łuczanowice in Krakow - Obiekt - VisitMalopolska


Cmentarz ewangelicki Łuczanowice

Protestant Cemetery in Łuczanowice in Krakow

Kamienny obelisk na cmentarzu.
Orłowskiego, 32-010 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
tel. +48 124466430
Since 1591, in Łuczanowice, the former property of the Calvinist Żeleński family the centre of the Krakow Arians – Polish Brethren has functioned. Their tomb became the beginning of the Protestant Cemetery.
In the 17th century, the existing church was closed and the cemetery fell into oblivion. In 1787, the area was tidied and a burial mound called the Arian mound, with the remains of the dead, was formed. In 1993, the cemetary was consecrated again. Every year, in September, ecumenical services are held here.