Culinary tour around the globe. Kraków as the capital of the flavours of the world!

Bowls of food in the Hana Sushi Kraków restaurant.
You fancy a culinary journey to taste the best flavours of the world, but duties temporarily prevent you from embarking on a long journey? Don’t worry! In Kraków, with a fork and a plate you can travel to the furthest corners of our globe, and all that without packing a suitcase or bothering with your passport! International restaurants will take you on the most delicious and exotic adventures! The capital of the Małopolska region is not only a great city for sightseeing and experiencing unforgettable moments, it’s also the capital of the flavours of the world! Japanese, Syrian, Vietnamese or Thai cuisine? All this and more can be found at the foot of Wawel Hill!

From Caucasian to Tunisian flavours    

For lovers of Caucasian flavours, we recommend Georgian restaurants where khachapuri and chinkali will fill your belly with joy and goodness! Be sure to check out the good food at Tbilisuri Restaurant on Meiselsa Street! Our tip: be sure to try the delicious Georgian orangeade.

Fans of Thai cuisine won’t be disappointed either! Thai restaurants in the heart of Kraków serve dishes that are just as delicious and flavoursome as those in Thai street food joints. If you dream of pad thai with fresh prawns or succulent chicken, be sure to head for the centre of Kraków! Molam Thai Canteen & Bar awaits you on Rajska Street, and Taj Kraków on Miodowa Street.

A little bit of Orient for the coming autumn days? Take a peek into the fragrant and tasty Hamsa restaurant. In the centre of the Kazimierz district, you will feel like on a journey and experience aromas and flavours straight from the streets of Israel. A few steps away, you will be transported to the warm sands of Tunisia: in the Al Medina restaurant you can taste homemade Tunisian cuisine, prepared according to old family recipes.

Have you ever tried Syrian ‘street food’? If the answer is ‘no’, be sure to drop by Suwayda ‘street food’ on Berka Joselewicza Street. Cheese and rose pancakes or Arabic bread pancakes with minced mutton and pomegranate molasses? You have to try it!

Far Eastern cuisine also knows how to conquer the taste buds

And if you still have some space left, take a walk to Zduńska Street to enjoy some Vietnamese cuisine full of offbeat combinations. Wschód Bar is the place where your taste buds will simply go wild! Their bao buns and roasted aubergines are absolutely classic. No one can resist them, and we have the evidence to prove it!

Are you a fan of the Land of the Cherry Blossom? Then you will be wowed in Kraków! Delicious ramen can be found, for example; at Akita Ramen, Ramen People, and at Ramen Tu, while Tokyo Tower in the Podbrzezie district offers truly homemade Japanese cuisine.

You can wind up your culinary journey at any of the Indian restaurants where the spices and ingredients will warm you up this autumn time! Check out curry and mango lassi at Taste of India and Zayka Indian Restaurant (both are located on Dietla Street), and try the insane prawns at Royal India Krakow on Mikołajska Street. Do you still have room for something good? Then leave the bustling streets of New Delhi and go to Krakowska Street, where the Hawajskie Niebo w Gębie awaits you with tasty Hawaiian cuisine. Hawaiian and Polynesian cuisine straight from under the palm trees? The word comes oh-so naturally: aloha!

All the flavours of the world – only in Kraków

Is that all? Absolutely not! Kraków is also a city of delicious Italian, Ukrainian, Portuguese and, above all, our Polish cuisine. When you come to Kraków, be prepared that the city will take possession not only of your heart, but above all of your taste buds! So, we wish you all bon appetit!


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