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Wieża widokowa Koziarz

Observation tower, Koziarz

Drewniana wieża widokowa na wzniesieniu, otoczona drzewami.
The observation tower on Koziarz (943 metres above sea level), a mountain located in the Radziejowa Range in Beskid Sądecki, is a 20-metre-tall wooden structure with an observation deck, erected in 2015.

The Observation Tower on Koziarz has walled stairs, which means that people with a fear of heights have nothing to fear there. The structure is also equipped with a covered observation deck that can accommodate up to 30 people. The tower features information boards with precisely described panoramas of the peaks visible from the spot – it allows you to admire the Gorce, Beskid Sądecki, Island Beskid, Pieniny and Magura Spiska.

The shortest route to the observation tower on Koziarz leads from the peak of Okrąglica, which can be reached by car from the village of Brzyna. The route has tarmac on it, with some sections paved with concrete slabs. It takes about 45 minutes to walk from Okrąglica to Koziarz along a fairly gentle path with proper markings and signs. The observation tower on Koziarz offers some of the most beautiful views in the Beskid Sądecki.

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