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Miasteczko Galicyjskie Nowy Sącz

Galician Town in Nowy Sącz

Miasteczko Galicyjskie Nowy Sącz ratusz
Lwowska 226, 33-300 Nowy Sącz
tel. +48 184416390
The town is an attractive complex of cultural services, which complements the Nowy Sącz Ethnographic Park.
The reconstruction of some small-town buildings includes a tiny market square and a frontage with around a dozen houses, featuring the Stary Sącz town hall, a manor house from Łosososina Górna and two bourgeois houses from Stary Sącz. The restored buildings of the post office, fire brigade, tailor’s workshop, photography studio and the dentist’s office offer a unique and rare atmosphere. What is more, the Galician Town offers a wide selection of old Galician dishes, which can be eaten at the nearby inn. The town is a living organism, presenting the reality of Galicia, a former province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Galician buildings, designed and erected around the market square form a specific market and street zone.